Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Start - car arrives May 2012


This blog charts my ongoing restoration of an Austin Healey Sprite MkII and eventual conversion to a standard-bodied Sebring Sprite.

Car as purchased May 2012:

Thanks to Richard Tipper of Cartrans - great job of transporting the car from SW England to SW Scotland.

When blue (from new in July 1961 until late 1990s)

It is a 948cc car, with later front disc brakes (and on later checking the incorrect drum braked master cylinder fitted).

Car had an MoT, solid bodywork - been welded a lot; paintwork a bit rough, plus the A posts are a bit undulating (filler over homemade patch panels?). The floor panels are homemade flat panels rather than the correct parts with stiffening grooves and footwells. Wiring needs fixing too - dash lights and external lights not all working. Fan noisy (loose belt). All OK, picked up these issues when checking the car over before purchase - I wanted a project car!

Once getting the car home noticed coolant loss, incorrect fan belt fitted (longer alternator belt).

Initial jobs to do:
  • Replace cooling hoses, water pump, fan belt.
  • Sort brakes (replace master cylinder, put in new rear shoes, check over)
  • Fix wiring
  • Service (oil & air filter changes, lubricate and check suspension, dampers, steering rack)
  • Get new MoT.

Shouldn't take too long...


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