Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Dec 2021 pics of Sprite

Still much work to do on what is quite a rough car; at the moment just about back on the road for some test runs, carb and brake adjustment, install and wire up AH horn push and column cone  (to complete the installation of a recently acquired Lempert replica Falcon Le Mans steering wheel); some welding for seat belt mounts in the inner sills, sort some of the paint issues, repair off-side wing, lower portion (or replace with a good secondhand heritage wing have in stock), maybe install the GRP bonnet and rear boot lid I have, weld in mounts for rear roll cage and install rear cage (Aleybars with removable diagonal) perhaps do a few hillclimbs later in 2022. 

Longer term plans will be bodywork including return to its original Speedwell Blue, put in proper floor panels (to replace previous owner’s homemade panels), plus build and install an overbored 9CG engine using NoS oversized (plus 20 thou) flat top high compression Sprite pistons for the 948 engine (capacity to be 960cc). And put on a Warwick MkII hardtop (if I can find one to go with the glass rear side windows for this hardtop that I already have).


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