Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Locost - new project

Aug 2019

I collected a new project - a Locost 7. Plan to build up into a road-legal hillclimb car. Get the Sprite back on the road first.

Jan 2022 pics to ID chassis on Locostbuilders forum which confirm it is a Stuart Taylor Motorsport [STM] chassis. Thanks LocostBuilders forum members for the help - Matt at Procomp, Tim C and BenB - cheers!

No work carried out since purchase. Note front towing eye, steering rack mounts and upper and lower suspension wishbones, hooped steering column mount, rear towing eye. Also additional round tube in tunnel (as per 750 MC Locost Championship regs). Chassis thought to be a former 750 MC Locost racer. May be repairs to front chassis?

In Feb 2022 I found out a bit more info about the car from a previous owner (before the person I bought it from).

‘Definitely looks like my old Locost … The engine was built about 2006 by a well known Locost engine builder to max Locost specs with all the right block, head parts etc. I collected all the parts about 2009 and built it in the next few years, the brake master cylinders and bias pedal box were all new, the chassis and engine were unused and I drove it about a couple of miles on a private road but as usual never had time to fully finish it so I sold it on ebay. Unfortunately I do not remember the names of the people I bought it off, they were somewhere in South London and had a couple of Locosts they raced.’ 

This very helpful person kindly also supplied the following pics that confirm it is the same car:

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